ZhiPei Dominate Diablo 2 Resurrected Tool

With full map reveal showing you exactly where each exit, entrance and waypoint is we also have included auto teleport towards the direction of each as hotkey. Packed with many features such as showing special chests on the in game minimap as well as the enemies nearby & their immune types, even shrines are exposed with this so you will be surprised by this software and all the extra features it has to offer and continued to being update, we are very proud to announce the release of this software.

With built in chicken options, you can configure your auto leave game setting so when you reach a certain health percentage, usually 15% is a good option. Even as low as 5% will work, but for hardcore players you probably would not want to drop to even below 35%. This does not toggle the game menu to leave game, it bypasses that altogether so it leaves back to lobby in an instant, our developer did great work on this.

The built in pick it is also insanely fast, with teleport to item grab making you able to grab items in a split second.

To setup the teleport item grab (tele pickit) you will make new config call itemgrab.ini you will have to make sure put item for right place or it break. Example itemgrab.ini setup:

rin=1 // Ring
amu=1 // Amulet
jew=1 // Jewel
uap=1 // Shako
r01=0 // El
r02=1 // Eld

We can see from this setup with 1 being switched to 0, El runes will not be picked up. Switch back to 1 at any time to re-enable. You can find item code for items at sites such as diablo.antikrist.org/item-codes/. We will include a pickit list of over 300 useful items for those who don’t want to set up their own pickit filter. No white items can be added to the tele pickit item grab list.

Another very useful feature is the Built in Auto drink potions, it will drink the potions based on set percentage for mana and health similar to chicken, it will auto drink your potions even if they are in the inventory! This is very convenient as it will go through your potions in the belt but also inventory without having to open up the inventory or disrupt your gaming. We have been constantly adding new features.

Inventory space display along with potion count displayer have been added recently. Any feature requests you may have please feel free to suggest and we will implement them if possible.

Auto travel: This feature is very convenient for magic finding, you set your hot keys by pressing delete key while in game to bring up the menu, then you can auto travel to entrances or exits, or waypoints as well as points of interest (i.e if in river of flame it can help you navigate to forge faster, or if in stony field it will navigate you to tristam stones if you are doing cow level runs making it very quick) very easily making navigating each act and farming super fast.

Check it out below:

Instructions to get launched: you will need a key just claim your code from members area you will receive it instantly upon sign up. You can always open a support ticket if you ever need further hands on help. Key delivery for this tool is instant once purchased.

Make sure you are not already in game, once ready to launch you will click play from game launcher and you will launch the exe only before character selection screen, this means when the cinematic game logo is showing. You will see a success message then once in game you will see full mini map reveal, and you can press delete key to bring up the menu options.

More features to be added regularly such as auto heal mercenary with potion, item drop alerts for the loot filter show your item on mini map and also distance from item. As well as alert for when low on consumable items.

Latest Feature: Edit Breakpoints! Including your mercenary’s. This is very over powered featured since only certain breakpoints can be changed to give you an advantage without setting off server flag, for example faster run walk cannot be edited by FCR and IAS & FHR and such can be edited and let you kill things faster even if you do not have the gear to hit max % IAS!

We even added breakpoint editing for mercenary stats is now live for only certain which will assist you with killing monsters faster.
Latest update includes the ability to edit the map reveal colors of enemies and line that direct you where to go on the minimap.